Cesar’s Way Tuesday, Jan 4 2011 

After reading the book Cesar’s Way, it gave me a perspective on the relationship between dogs and their owners that I had never thought of before. A dog behavior specialist, Dog Whisperer author starts out by making some extreme comparisons between dogs in the US and dogs in Mexico. He essentially declares that dogs (especially dogs who are owned by the wealthiest California residence) are unhappy. That they are not treated like dogs, they not allowed to be dogs, but are treated more like humans. As a result they have behavior problems. They are not allowed to be dogs and they need to be rehabilitated and helped to learn how to be dogs. The dogs, he says, that he grew up around in Mexico would roam around in dog packs. They were free, free to be themselves. Well, after rehabilitating hundreds of dogs, he has become an expert in Dog Health Problems. Caring for a dog can be a financially draining and time consuming responsibility. There are so many things to consider when you try to train a dog to be a family friendly pet. I’ve learned some perspective by doing research on sites like this. According to the Dog Wisperer you need to have more than one dog. A dog needs another dog as a companion. I guess a human companion doesn’t count. But really, can a dog really forget to be a dog? Does their natural animal instinct go away they more you try and humanize your pet? Or do they just become miserable? I do think that there are a great number of people who go overboard with dog meds and too much human food and therefore create problems for their dog to function like a normal dog should. There is a balance for sure. I did enjoy reading about how randomly aggressive dogs, after being rehabilitated, becoming calm cooperative dogs without extreme measure like meds. Not all of us however can afford to give a dog that will meet all their needs. I can’t afford theapy for myself, let alone my dog.


New Moon Friday, May 1 2009 

I know…I’m addicted what can I say? I love this series and it’s become a universal hit. The writer knows how to draw you in. All my friends at work are reading the series, including some of the men. What started as a series for young girls has drawn a wider audience.. partly because of the movie I think. I can just imagine being apart of the story and running from the cruel girl jeans vampires and their fangs. Today I’m finishing up the book New Moon.. sitting on my porch with my sencha tea and enjoying the tragic conclusion..sigh… I’m thinking of getting a Kindle so that I can read on the go more. I’ve been checking some laptop backpacks with all the compartments and I was looking at the benefits of book downloading. Maybe this goes against the code of bookworms everywhere but I think it would help me stay more informed as a reader and book lover.

Guilty Thursday, Jan 8 2009 

I picked up the book Guilty by Ann Coulter. I’m not a particular fan of hers in fact I think she is highly irritating, but I do appreciate her fierce, determination to stand up for what she believes in. The sneer and sarcasm that men use in commentary that make women angry, she dives into and throws it back. She holds her own when she is talking to tough, chauvinistic men and doesn’t back down. I’m intrigued by her take on this last election and how the media has handled the candidates. 

Twilight, what’s with the hipe? Wednesday, Dec 3 2008 



I usually don’t go with passing fads but I must say that the Twilight series has captured my attention. I just started on the first book. The romance isn’t so much what captured my interest but the setting and brooding vampire theme intrigued me. It is set in Fork, Washington within the Olympic Peninsula an amazingly beautiful landscape of the Northwest. I’m a fan of Josh Whedon’s (director of Buffy The Vampire Slayer) creation of “Angel” the misunderstood, soul bearing vampire. I am curious to see how the “Edward” character development progresses within the Twilight series. It’s crazy that this book came out in 2005 and there is already a movie out based on the series of the same title. It’s been a very easy read so far, a nice escape. If you decide to read the books before you go see the film (which I recommend) there are 3 books in the series. So I suggest you sit back with your favorite latté or the best green tea and slip into a world of chilling mystery and beautifully tragic vampires and their unquenched thirst for love.

Reading frenzy Thursday, Feb 8 2007 

So, because of a huge snow storm, I had SO much time to read this week.  I am almost done with “Girl Meets God” a book by Lauren Winner about being an Orthodox Jew and converting to Christianity.  Although it’s interesting, I admit I’m getting a little bit bored with it, but I will finish it all.  I also finished End-Times Simplified, which is about what Christianity believes about the end of the world.  Pretty intense stuff!  I also finally finished all 13 books in the Series of Unfortunate Events Series.  They were so good! I’m sad to see them end.  I think I’m going to read this book I just got about pirates.  Love pirates like I do?  Then you need to look at THIS site. 

Christmas books! Tuesday, Dec 26 2006 

So, I got a few new books for Christmas-including three more in the Series of Unfortunate Events series, and a book by the same lady who wrote The Secret Life of Bees.  I haven’t heard of this book, so I can’t remember the title, but hopefully it will be good.  I have been catching up on all the magazines that I subscribe to like Paste and Relevant Magazine but never have time to read!

Two of my friends are getting married next week down on an island in Florida, but a destination wedding simply wasn’t in the budget for this time of year unfortunately.  If I had the dollars though, believe me, going to Florida over staying in the dreary midwest would definitely be ok with me!

Art Teacher continued Wednesday, Dec 6 2006 

So, this week in teaching has been a challenge as I have a few mentally retarded kids in my classroom, and I’m not sure how to effectively make sure they are included in all that we are doing in the project, and yet not spend so much time catering to their needs that I end up ignoring the kids who have very real talent evident.  It’s an age-old question for teachers I suppose, and I am still working it out for myself.  I wish there was some sort of place to ask practical questions.  I wonder of the Ohio MRDD would have any answers for me!

Anyways, there’s a scholastic book sale going on this week and I heard about a book series on artists that I have never seen before.  They are small books about each artists’ life aimed at younger kids.  They are written by Christians, and so they avoid any of the details that often accompany artist’s lives that aren’t appropriate for little ones.  I look forward to buying some for my classroom!

Art Teacher Tuesday, Nov 28 2006 

So, I am a part-time art teacher, and I am attempting to become a memborable one at that.  I’ve been thinking about what makes teachers excellent, and what makes children respond to them.  So, one of the things I have realized is that teachers have to be willing to put themselves on display, and be willing to look pretty silly actually.  I decided that I want to make an under the sea theme in my room for the school carnival this year, so I have been thinking of every topic that I can related to that.  I was thinking of buying some women’s pirate boots and a pirate flag and dressing up on the first day of the lesson plan.  So, anyways, I think the youngest kids will make the fish and animals that are under the sea, and as each grade goes up I want to make the lesson more difficult and a different aspect of the scene.  I need a few suggestions for books that I could read to each grade level to go along with the theme.  Do you know any good books about pirates or under the sea that aren’t too scary for little ones?

How do you feel about this? Sunday, Nov 19 2006 

I wrote this post a while back and accidentally saved it instead of publishing it…here it is 🙂

Have you heard of these baby einstein books and dvds? I have mixed feelings about them. On one hand I met this incredibly smart little girl, and she is always referring to things that she learned about on those vidoes, so I guess that’s cool. But, I also read that it’s not good for babies (it can stunt their minds growth) under the age of 2 to even watch tv, so it kills me that there are tv shows aimed at infants. Anyways, the reason I was thinking about it was because I was just looking around trying to decide what to buy for a baby shower. I think I decided on winnie the pooh crib bedding. No baby einstein buying for me, until I decide how I feel about it!

book sale Thursday, Nov 9 2006 

Today I got to go to my local library’s used book sale, and for $30 I got a load of good books!  I got a couple of children’s books to read to some of my art classes, one new one that I like called Art Dog, Froggie Learns to Swim, and Dinostory.  I have a few lesson plan ideas to go along with these books, so I’m thankful to find them for cheap! Of course I also took the chance to pick up an Andrea Bocelli cd that was cheap, and I’m currently enjoying it now 🙂  Merry Christmas to me!  Oh yeah, and thanks to that book I mentioned last time, I bought a gold eagle coin.  So, we’ll see how this collection comes along.

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