Reading frenzy Thursday, Feb 8 2007 

So, because of a huge snow storm, I had SO much time to read this week.  I am almost done with “Girl Meets God” a book by Lauren Winner about being an Orthodox Jew and converting to Christianity.  Although it’s interesting, I admit I’m getting a little bit bored with it, but I will finish it all.  I also finished End-Times Simplified, which is about what Christianity believes about the end of the world.  Pretty intense stuff!  I also finally finished all 13 books in the Series of Unfortunate Events Series.  They were so good! I’m sad to see them end.  I think I’m going to read this book I just got about pirates.  Love pirates like I do?  Then you need to look at THIS site. 


Christmas books! Tuesday, Dec 26 2006 

So, I got a few new books for Christmas-including three more in the Series of Unfortunate Events series, and a book by the same lady who wrote The Secret Life of Bees.  I haven’t heard of this book, so I can’t remember the title, but hopefully it will be good.  I have been catching up on all the magazines that I subscribe to like Paste and Relevant Magazine but never have time to read!

Two of my friends are getting married next week down on an island in Florida, but a destination wedding simply wasn’t in the budget for this time of year unfortunately.  If I had the dollars though, believe me, going to Florida over staying in the dreary midwest would definitely be ok with me!