continued Monday, Aug 14 2006 

I have continued to read “The Sin Eater” last night, and it is really good.  Pretty creepy to read at night, and I am very curious how it’s going to end, but totally worth checking it out!


new book Sunday, Aug 13 2006 

I started a book last night called “The Sin Eater” by Francine Rivers. I didn’t know that this concept existed. The idea that someone else could take on your sins or would do so as a calling/job is really a strange idea to me. I’m interested to find out more as I finish this book!

Become a book mooch! Thursday, Aug 10 2006 

check out this awesome new program called BookMooch  and find out how to trade your old books for new books with people all over the world!

New series to conquer Thursday, Aug 10 2006 

So, I just moved in with a new roommate downtown, and she has the whole series of Lemony Snicket’s “Series of Unfortunate Events” and I can’t wait to read them all! I loved the movie, and I happened across number 4 once at a garage sale, so of course bought it and read it. I am really excited to devour all 12 of them in the near future.

I loved the artwork at the beginning and end of the DVD credits, and I really enjoyed the scenery/set design of the film. I don’t know very many people who feel that way about the movie, but I for one am a big fan!

new book? Tuesday, Aug 8 2006 

I was just told yesterday to check out a book called “The Irresistable Revolution.”  Has anyone heard of this book?  They said I would really like it…but before I buy it I’d love to hear some other opinions on it.

Oldies but goodies Friday, Aug 4 2006 

Have you ever read any books by Calvin Miller? The covers are a bit over the top 70’s, but he has written some incredible poetry. Predominately religious allegories, such as The Singer Trilogy or my favorite, A Requiem for Love.

Books! Thursday, Aug 3 2006 

What books have you read that you will remember for the rest of your life? What books do you remember loving as a kid? Here’s your place to remember them again! I think I will start today with one of my favorite books as a child…Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh. Now, you may only know of this book because of the movie they put out in 1996, but try to ignore that. This book was so great. I remember carrying around a little notebook for weeks afterwards as a child. I wanted to be just like her! To have adventures, and record every thought I ever had about anyone. (a dangerous habit) What books did you love as a child?