After reading the book Cesar’s Way, it gave me a perspective on the relationship between dogs and their owners that I had never thought of before. A dog behavior specialist, Dog Whisperer author starts out by making some extreme comparisons between dogs in the US and dogs in Mexico. He essentially declares that dogs (especially dogs who are owned by the wealthiest California residence) are unhappy. That they are not treated like dogs, they not allowed to be dogs, but are treated more like humans. As a result they have behavior problems. They are not allowed to be dogs and they need to be rehabilitated and helped to learn how to be dogs. The dogs, he says, that he grew up around in Mexico would roam around in dog packs. They were free, free to be themselves. Well, after rehabilitating hundreds of dogs, he has become an expert in Dog Health Problems. Caring for a dog can be a financially draining and time consuming responsibility. There are so many things to consider when you try to train a dog to be a family friendly pet. I’ve learned some perspective by doing research on sites like this. According to the Dog Wisperer you need to have more than one dog. A dog needs another dog as a companion. I guess a human companion doesn’t count. But really, can a dog really forget to be a dog? Does their natural animal instinct go away they more you try and humanize your pet? Or do they just become miserable? I do think that there are a great number of people who go overboard with dog meds and too much human food and therefore create problems for their dog to function like a normal dog should. There is a balance for sure. I did enjoy reading about how randomly aggressive dogs, after being rehabilitated, becoming calm cooperative dogs without extreme measure like meds. Not all of us however can afford to give a dog that will meet all their needs. I can’t afford theapy for myself, let alone my dog.