I usually don’t go with passing fads but I must say that the Twilight series has captured my attention. I just started on the first book. The romance isn’t so much what captured my interest but the setting and brooding vampire theme intrigued me. It is set in Fork, Washington within the Olympic Peninsula an amazingly beautiful landscape of the Northwest. I’m a fan of Josh Whedon’s (director of Buffy The Vampire Slayer) creation of “Angel” the misunderstood, soul bearing vampire. I am curious to see how the “Edward” character development progresses within the Twilight series. It’s crazy that this book came out in 2005 and there is already a movie out based on the series of the same title. It’s been a very easy read so far, a nice escape. If you decide to read the books before you go see the film (which I recommend) there are 3 books in the series. So I suggest you sit back with your favorite latté or the best green tea and slip into a world of chilling mystery and beautifully tragic vampires and their unquenched thirst for love.