Reading frenzy Thursday, Feb 8 2007 

So, because of a huge snow storm, I had SO much time to read this week.  I am almost done with “Girl Meets God” a book by Lauren Winner about being an Orthodox Jew and converting to Christianity.  Although it’s interesting, I admit I’m getting a little bit bored with it, but I will finish it all.  I also finished End-Times Simplified, which is about what Christianity believes about the end of the world.  Pretty intense stuff!  I also finally finished all 13 books in the Series of Unfortunate Events Series.  They were so good! I’m sad to see them end.  I think I’m going to read this book I just got about pirates.  Love pirates like I do?  Then you need to look at THIS site. 


Art Teacher continued Wednesday, Dec 6 2006 

So, this week in teaching has been a challenge as I have a few mentally retarded kids in my classroom, and I’m not sure how to effectively make sure they are included in all that we are doing in the project, and yet not spend so much time catering to their needs that I end up ignoring the kids who have very real talent evident.  It’s an age-old question for teachers I suppose, and I am still working it out for myself.  I wish there was some sort of place to ask practical questions.  I wonder of the Ohio MRDD would have any answers for me!

Anyways, there’s a scholastic book sale going on this week and I heard about a book series on artists that I have never seen before.  They are small books about each artists’ life aimed at younger kids.  They are written by Christians, and so they avoid any of the details that often accompany artist’s lives that aren’t appropriate for little ones.  I look forward to buying some for my classroom!

Art Teacher Tuesday, Nov 28 2006 

So, I am a part-time art teacher, and I am attempting to become a memborable one at that.  I’ve been thinking about what makes teachers excellent, and what makes children respond to them.  So, one of the things I have realized is that teachers have to be willing to put themselves on display, and be willing to look pretty silly actually.  I decided that I want to make an under the sea theme in my room for the school carnival this year, so I have been thinking of every topic that I can related to that.  I was thinking of buying some women’s pirate boots and a pirate flag and dressing up on the first day of the lesson plan.  So, anyways, I think the youngest kids will make the fish and animals that are under the sea, and as each grade goes up I want to make the lesson more difficult and a different aspect of the scene.  I need a few suggestions for books that I could read to each grade level to go along with the theme.  Do you know any good books about pirates or under the sea that aren’t too scary for little ones?

book sale Thursday, Nov 9 2006 

Today I got to go to my local library’s used book sale, and for $30 I got a load of good books!  I got a couple of children’s books to read to some of my art classes, one new one that I like called Art Dog, Froggie Learns to Swim, and Dinostory.  I have a few lesson plan ideas to go along with these books, so I’m thankful to find them for cheap! Of course I also took the chance to pick up an Andrea Bocelli cd that was cheap, and I’m currently enjoying it now 🙂  Merry Christmas to me!  Oh yeah, and thanks to that book I mentioned last time, I bought a gold eagle coin.  So, we’ll see how this collection comes along.

Amazing day! Saturday, Oct 21 2006 

Today has been an amazing day.  First of all-I am slowly making my way (due to busy life, not to lack of desire) through Crunchy Cons, and it is totally convicting me and changing the way I am living my daily life!  I am recyling more, eating less processed meats, and thinking deeply about what I want to be known for.  If I claim to be an earthy-type person, then I need to live that way everyday, all the time!  Not, just tote the title.  So, anyways, I went to the local farmer’s market, and I am so sad that I have not been going there every week since I have lived here!  It embodied everything I love!  Small town farmers selling me and allowing me to taste all their wares, with cultural diversity surrounding me and street musicians.  It was amazing!  I bought some tea from the tea lady,  some veggies, and went home to eat an incredible vegetarian fresh lunch.  I then went to visit my parents and road on their scooter around the neighborhood and felt the wind in my air.  Now I’m off to a birthday party with my nephew.  Hooray for relaxing weekends!

Library Tuesday, Oct 10 2006 

Autumn is upon us here in the midwest, and that means good books and hot tea are much needed to survive the lengthening nights and shortening daylight!  I just joined the library in our area, and I have been taking advantage of the free internet, cd checkout, books, and DVDs galore.  They even called me to welcome me to the area a few days after I got a card.  Isn’t that nice of them?  I just hope that I don’t end up using my piggy bank full of my coins to pay for all my late fees that I fear I will accrue.  ha 🙂  Long live the library!

book quote Monday, Oct 2 2006 

So, I haven’t had much time to read lately, but I did find some time this weekend to sit down, suck on my favorite Korean Ginseng Tea Candy and to  read this great quote:

“We poke fun at the sactimony of environmentalits, and try hard to convince ourselves that the sprawling crapulence of big-box stores, strip malls, monotonous housing developments, and other degrading manifestations of our built environment somehow represents progress. We abandon or bulldoze old buildings and human-scaled neighborhoods, then create fake environments (shopping malls) to re-create what we destroyed…
We want a faith that makes us feel good about ourselves, not one that makes demands we’d rather not obey. We’ve turned religion into another consumer good. Our faith does not help us stand against the money-driven materialist culture, but instead baptizes our participation in it.”
-from “Crunchy Cons” by Rod Dreher

Wheel of Time Thursday, Sep 28 2006 

I am almost done with the first book in the series Wheel of Time-it’s called “Eye of the World” and I totally love it.  I admit, sometimes fantasy is pretty great.  The author just keeps writing them and writing them and he will never end it, and he will die with no end.  It kind of makes me not really want to get into it, but I guess it’s too late…I’m sucked in now!

I still haven’t finished “Crunchy Cons”….I need more free time!  I need more time to relax and chill out with my books and tea!

High Fidelity Tuesday, Sep 26 2006 

My roommate is reading the book High Fidelity right now, which I didn’t even know was a book before it was a movie (I’m slow to pick up on some things I guess!)  She says it makes her feel so bad for the main character, and she feels like it’s a pretty realistic character.  She hates seeing him put all this energy into a person when she isn’t what he wants anyways.  Have any of you read the book?  I liked the movie, maybe I should read it…

Unfortunate Events Tuesday, Sep 12 2006 

I am in the middle of the books by Limony Snicket “A Series of Unfortunate Events” like I may have mentioned before, and I freaking love them!  They make me laugh out loud sometimes!  But, I will say that I am getting frustrated.  I think honestly, I just want it to end in a fairy tale ending!  I know it warns me the entire series that if you want a happy ending you shouldn’t keep reading, but for some reason, that makes me want to read it and find a happy ending even more!

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