Today has been an amazing day.  First of all-I am slowly making my way (due to busy life, not to lack of desire) through Crunchy Cons, and it is totally convicting me and changing the way I am living my daily life!  I am recyling more, eating less processed meats, and thinking deeply about what I want to be known for.  If I claim to be an earthy-type person, then I need to live that way everyday, all the time!  Not, just tote the title.  So, anyways, I went to the local farmer’s market, and I am so sad that I have not been going there every week since I have lived here!  It embodied everything I love!  Small town farmers selling me and allowing me to taste all their wares, with cultural diversity surrounding me and street musicians.  It was amazing!  I bought some tea from the tea lady,  some veggies, and went home to eat an incredible vegetarian fresh lunch.  I then went to visit my parents and road on their scooter around the neighborhood and felt the wind in my air.  Now I’m off to a birthday party with my nephew.  Hooray for relaxing weekends!