So, I haven’t had much time to read lately, but I did find some time this weekend to sit down, suck on my favorite Korean Ginseng Tea Candy and to  read this great quote:

“We poke fun at the sactimony of environmentalits, and try hard to convince ourselves that the sprawling crapulence of big-box stores, strip malls, monotonous housing developments, and other degrading manifestations of our built environment somehow represents progress. We abandon or bulldoze old buildings and human-scaled neighborhoods, then create fake environments (shopping malls) to re-create what we destroyed…
We want a faith that makes us feel good about ourselves, not one that makes demands we’d rather not obey. We’ve turned religion into another consumer good. Our faith does not help us stand against the money-driven materialist culture, but instead baptizes our participation in it.”
-from “Crunchy Cons” by Rod Dreher